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Category:Gerda Madvig

new creation New page'''Gerda Madvig''', née '''Heyman''' (1868-1940), Danish sculptress and painter {{DEFAULTSORT:Madvig, Gerda}} [[Category:People by name]] [[Category:Jewish people of Denmark]] [[Category:Sculptors from Denmark]] [[Category:Painters...

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←Created page with '{{en|1={{{1}}}{{{2}}} in Puttgarden}} {{sv|1={{{1}}}{{{2}}} i Puttgarden}} {{Decade years navbox |header=25px :Category:...' New page{{en|1={{{1}}}{{{2}}} in [[Puttgarden]]}} {{sv|1={{{1}}}{{{2}}} i [[Puttgarden]]}} {{Decade years...

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